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    Whether you’re looking to remove a virus from your laptop at home, or need help with network administration at your office, Freedom Computer can help. Serving the Mount Washington Valley for over 20 years, you can trust us to handle your information technology needs.

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    Local. Affordable. Professional.
  • Business Services

    As your business becomes more dependent on information technology and your infrastructure grows and becomes more complex, the task of overseeing, adapting and managing that technology to meet the growing needs of your business also becomes more complex. Whether you handle your own networks or have dedicated staff on your payroll, Freedom Computer offers a special package of services designed to help keep your systems up and running efficiently, cost-effectively, and at maximum performance.

    Business Services
  • Residential Services

    Freedom Computer provides prompt, affordable solutions to residential clients here in the Mount Washington Valley. Whether your machine is running slow, you’ve been hit with a virus, or just need a recommendation on purchasing new hardware and software – we can get you the help you need, when you need it.

    Residential Services
With a reputation for honesty and professionalism, Freedom Computer specializes in providing technology solutions, services and support for small and medium-sized businesses in the Mount Washington Valley. Choose Freedom. Experience Security.

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Joel at Freedom Computers has worked with the computers in my office for many years. Over the course of that time, there have been several instances when we had issues with our personal computers at home as well. Joel has been able to connect to the machines remotely and diagnose the issues, as well as make them work much faster and more smoothly. One time in particular, my daughter was trying to complete her course work and had serious issues with her laptop. Joel quickly diagnosed the machine with various malware and spyware programs, and was able to not only clean it and get it working properly, but to help her increase the security on her computer so she could avoid future attacks. Give Freedom Computer a call. You will not be disappointed. –Tom Messier - Plymouth, MA